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Updating leo4all

OUTDATED (12/5/09) Recently, I had the opportunity to install a copy of OSX86 onto a Dell Dimension 9200. When USB and ethernet isn’t working, it’s pretty much game over because I’ll be damned if I had to burn a CD with a few kexts weighing in under 5 MB in the year 2009.

this is my specs: AMD 6000 X2 3.0ghz on Asus m2n hdmi cooled whit ocz tech 4g ddr2 800 patriot 320g samsung sata/300 320g maxtor ata/133 Asus DVDRAM sata ATi Radeon 3870 512m Gddr4 sound blaster XFI fatality (working jaja little trick) 500w OCZ powersupply !

For your info, I used the Delta update and everything was fine.

You might want to remember this since it’s pretty much common knowledge.

Yeah, I’ve done a a lot of finger crossing with the Kalyway distro, but hey, it’s the most popular one for a reason right? Installed Kalyway’s distro but got stuck at the infamous “Do you already own a Mac? ” kernel panic was being caused by conflicting/non-existing ethernet kext.

I guess that’s the step where the OS tries to contact Apple to sell you Mobile Me.

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If you’re on 10.5.6, you use what’s called the Delta update, which can be found here.

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