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Simon amstell and russell brand dating

She has landed a plum part in the high-octane Horrid Henry: the Movie, starring Anjelica Huston and Richard E Grant, which looks destined to be the children’s 3D blockbuster of the summer. And it was also amazing working with Anjelica Huston, who is a proper movie star.Rebecca is portraying ditsy-yet-engaging headmistress Miss Oddbod, valiantly struggling to save her school from the twin evils of Horrid Henry and the threat of closure, and she’s clearly having a blast.‘It’s not my subtlest performance,’ she smiles. She plays Henry’s terrifying teacher, Miss Battleaxe, and was really lovely, friendly, professional; one night, when a few of us went out to dinner, she joined us.Groomed hair, a slash of carmine lipstick and she’s neither demoralised and dowdy nor a ballbreaker, but a shoo-in for the leading lady.‘I always seem to play the wife or, increasingly, the mother, or bewildered victims, or intimidating high-flyers,’ Rebecca observes drily.Bafta-winning comic actress Rebecca Front, aka rookie government minister Nicola Murray in the barbed political satire The Thick of It, Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent in crime drama Lewis, and wheelchair-bound Cathy Cole in the pitch-black comedy Nighty Night is – how can I put this?

When watching television dramas she becomes so distracted by the script and the actors’ interpretations that for sheer pleasure she prefers to settle down in front of a documentary, such as Who Do You Think You Are?

I couldn’t really hear him as I was frying something, so I stopped listening and just made encouraging noises, when he suddenly demanded, “So, will you do it?

” Afterwards, he told me I sounded very casual, saying, “Yeah, great.” But once I replaced the receiver I was hopping up and down, squealing with sheer excitement.’It’s no secret that The Thick of It is watched and enjoyed in Westminster, and Rebecca has met quite a few politicians who are fans of the show and of Malcolm Tucker’s sweary, screaming spin doctor. Ken Livingstone had a sense of humour bypass about the various venal politicos, and dismissed it as ‘unfunny and aggressive’, but many of his peers take it less personally.‘I think politicians are fascinating people,’ Rebecca says.

‘They go into politics with a sense of altruism and duty but also a desire for power; however nice they are, there’s a steeliness in their pursuit of that power.

They are fighting for survival the whole time, which can lead them into telling lies because they really do feel it’s for the sake of the right principle.

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She adds, ‘I really liked Neil Kinnock when I met him, and Tessa Jowell strikes me as being a genuine person.

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