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In July 2001, preparations to microfilm the first four series of the collection began, including some reprocessing.

Significant time was devoted to dating previously undated materials and reorganizing the materials accordingly.

Several oversize publications that had been arranged by the title of the illustration were moved and refiled under the title of the article, as listed in Douglas Messerli's (Rhinebeck, N. An attempt was made to bring some order to Barnes's poetry. Kannenstine; Sharon Cooke; John Kohn; Phoebe Larmore; Peter Kurz; Joyce Margulies; Aldo Rostagno; Susan Miller; Marina Finn [sec.]; Alice Rosengard; Luciano Foà; Linda R.

When possible, materials within each folder were placed in chronological order, and fragments located in "Poems, Fragments" that were not poetry-related were moved to "Notes, Miscellaneous fragments." Most noticeably, the poems in "Early Poems" were separated into individual folder by title and integrated into the alphabetical schema of the series. Gemmell; Susan Sueyres [sec.]; Andrew Field) (Reel 10, Frame 189-269), 1971-1978National Institute of Arts and Letters -- (Felicia Geffen; Louise Bogan; Léonie Adams; Glenway Wescott.; Hannah Josephson; May M.

In 1921, Barnes travelled to Europe, then spent almost all of the next twenty years in England and France.

She wrote features and interviews for was influenced by Barnes's affair with Thelma Wood. In October 1939, Barnes returned to the United States, and, in September 1940, she moved into an apartment at 5 Patchin Place in Greenwich Village, where she resided for the remainder of her life.

Tel: 212-268-1208, Fax: 212-564-5363, Email: [email protected] Noted journalist and avant-garde author Djuna Barnes was born in Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York, on June 12, 1892, the second child and only daughter of Wald and Elizabeth Chappell Barnes.

Between 19, a small number of additional items were incorporated into the collection through purchase and gift. Since its acquisition by the University of Maryland, the Barnes papers have been processed numerous times in largely piecemeal fashion.A list of correspondents, in addition, was compiled for each folder in Series II.Fragile materials were placed in Mylar sleeves, and extremely fragile clippings were backed with Japanese paper before being placed in sleeving.Processed: March 1977, August 1980, March 1984, Summer 1987. In the spring of 1996, all of the collection except the photographs and art underwent major reprocessing.Revised: February 1984, March 1987, August 1987, February 1993, September 1994, February 1995, August 1997, November 2000, June 2001. Reprocessed and revised by Jennifer Evans, June 2002. This effort included creating a new series of family and personal papers and merging the two alphabetical runs of correspondence.

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The University of Maryland Libraries are the primary repository for the archive of Djuna Barnes (1892-1982), who was an avant-garde American writer and artist.

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