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Old smith wesson serial number dating

Sounds like something the Reprehensible Republicans might do I get calls all the time from , to last four numbers- I finally got them to stop calling by stating to them every time they call that the last batch of meds i got made me very ill and can i need a refund and their address for a lawsuit i'm going to file- I've never ordered from them but somehow i got on their list- After about calls with this same statement i haven't heard from them in monthstrying to sell me an extended warranty for a car I sold - years ago- I have repeatedly told them to stop calling and now have my phone auto rejecting the calls- They let it go to voicemail but leave no message- On trying to call this number I get a message of goodbye and it hangs up I have received calls from this number and several other numbers just like this one but the last two digits of the number is different but everyday I keep getting these calls at least ten or fifteen back to back calls and nobody says anything but what is your name I got a letter in the mail from Litigation Department Administrative Office- Re: The American People VS Country Wide Home Loans Inc decided to look up the number and after reading these post realized it's a scam Caller ID KB MED SUPP which stands for "Medical Supplement-" The company is K&B Financial, who claim to be "authorized agents" of Blue Cross Blue Shield- A real person asked for someone in the household by name, looking for people over - When you call their number back they answer "Blue Cross Blue Shield," but they do explain who they are and what they sell- I Since we started keeping track in May, Caller ID KB MED SUPP called us twice in May and today in July from three different numbers- Today was the first time I have a record of us answering Got an Indian man trying to tell me I had a payday loan for several thousand dollars FRAUD I do not and never needed a payday loan OOH and last thing was call now or the only thing I can say is GOOD LUCK think he said that times in his conversation We received the package in the mail but the certificate when we ordered from it we never received anything and they charged us shipping- This has been a disaster and we never received any thing like what they said This number calls my in-home business line on an average of once a day- I blocked my ID & called it back & the name of the company is Vacations Unlimited- I presume they are trying to sell- They operate Mon-Fri pm to pm This calls your house and accuses you of being with her husband- Please beware of her- I think she is a nut case- Just hang up on her instead of arguing with her- Her husband's name begins with a J- I think her name is Andrearobocall from , caller ID said "FLORIDA" Tuesday , @ PM-Carried by: ROYAL STREET COMMUNICATIONS, LLCOriginating from the area of: Orlando, FL(Another google source says that this phone number is for year old Jacob B)Another call from same male using this CID number (th Scam call today) who sounded like he was in his early 'stried to harass, belittle and intimidate me as a follow-up from , (chronic pain cream Scam)-These SCAMMERS can dish out the SCAMS but they can NOT take the fallout of someone giving them grief when theyoriginally call, as noted by the SCAMMERS following up with a harassing 'call blitz' shown below-pre-Xmas call blitz by Scammers, at AM - medical alert Scam, at PM - chronic back pain Scam, at PM (Outgoing call harass line by Scammers), at PM (Outgoing call harass line by Scammers), at PM (Outgoing call harass line by Scammers), at PM (local telemarketer), at PM - medical alert Scam The caller ID says Rainmaker conslt- I called them back from a cell phone and told them they had left a message on my machine and the guy tried to put me on hold- I I said I just want to know what your business is before I wait on hold and he admitted it was a collection agency- I asked what kind of accounts and he said usually medical- The call was for my husband (I didn't reveal who I was when I called them)- My husband is very fastidious about paying bills and so I'm not sure as yet what this is all about, but I will find out when he gets home and we can get to the bottom of this- This caller is likely another sheister Calls everyday for?

"- Just wanted her off the phone- Two hours later she already called back again That's plausible- Dial America is a well known (relatively) call center for charity and noncommercial clients- So the topic won't bend, I won't get into the covert profiteering of many charity and political call campaigns here They left a message on my machine claiming to be HSBC Fraud Prevention- When I tried calling back twice (with no intentions of giving them any information, just to see what it was all about), the call kept disconnecting- My first clue that it was indeed some type of scam was that no company was identified at any time- Even in the beginning, it just said, "This call may be monitored for your protection" , yeah, right This number appears on our Caller ID- My husband-to-be cannot receive or make personal calls at work without risk of his employment by Summit Marine (Morton, Illinois) being terminated, which is why he and I don't even communicate during his work shift (: A - P, Monday - Friday)- Jeff continuously states that he only has "a few minutes left" on his phone, which is why he only calls after P on Friday or Saturday to say he'll make the three minute drive over to pick me up for the weekend- Any information would be appreciated- Kathy Jean-net I received a call from this number at : a-m- from a man who said he was Carlos from the pharmacy- He said he was calling about my diabetic supplies- I told him I was not diabetic and I did not need any supplies- I also told him that I was on the 'Do Not Call'Registry and not to call me anymore- He said he was sorry and hung up- Shortly after that I receive a recorded call in any old man's voice saying,"Hello Seniors- You were referred for a personal medical alert system-" As the message went on saying something about , dollars I said that I was on the 'Do Not Call' Registry and hung up- That call could not be traced but I suspect it came from the same group that called at : a-m This phone number does not belong to the people listed here- They may have had this number sometime in the past, but it has not been theirs for at least a year and a half- I am tired of getting their collection, and doctor calls- I am sure they are still giving this number out, but it is not theirs please check with Cincinnati Bell and update your information They called me and I didn't answer; I called back and it would not go through- I have been getting a lot of these lately from different phone numbers: () -, () - among others- I think it is very shady, don't believe them, I have NOTHING in collections- I am about to change my number for real Revived a call from someone saying they were from Purolator and that they need my apt and buzzer code tried to call it back but it said the number was unavailable- They even asked for me by my first and last name- Would like to know who owns this number I keep getting calls from foreigners saying i've won an expensive car and millions of dollars- And they keep insisting that i need to send them a certain amount of money in order for me to receive my prize- They always start off the phone conversation with, How are you?i can't always turn off my ringer- thanksturns out its a group headed by Newt Gingrich- If they're gonna call me and interupt what I'm doing, the least they could do is have a live person on the other end of the phone so I could request removal from their listmy husband has received calls from this number and many others, suggesteng that they can refill our prescriptions, NO PRESCRIPTION NEEDEDother numbers that have called us about his same scam are as follows:, , , , , , , , , ,anyone receiving call fro these numbers should report to the FBI, DEA, attorney general and local law enforcement Call my home all hours of day and night- They even say things that do not make sense at all- Sometimes I get a multiple beeping sound on their end- One time they said they work for Macafee and got into my computer-Mac Afee confirmed they did not- so beware Said he was Neil Lawson Also use this # Real scum bags violators of DNC list-License Number: Extract Date: Business Information: VOGE INC CONSTRUCTION & REMODELING DELANO STREET #VAN NUYS, CA Business Phone Number: () -Entity: Corporation Issue Date: Expire Date: License Status: This license is current and active- All information below should be reviewed-Classifications: Class Description B GENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTORBonding: Contractor's Bond This license filed Contractor's Bond number W in the amount of , with the bonding company OLD REPUBLIC SURETY COMPANY-Effective Date: Contractor's Bonding History Bond of Qualifying Individual- The Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) ROBERT DEWAYNE WHITE certified that he she owns percent or more of the voting stock equity of the corporation- A bond of qualifying individual is not required-Effective Date: Workers' Compensation: This license is exempt from having workers compensation insurance; they certified that they have no employees at this time-Effective Date: Expire Date: None They have NO Employees, Probably hire Day laborers to come to YOUR house Industry today tv with terry bradshaw called our company today- myfloridalegal-com webfiles-nsf WF MRAY-KKPA file Platinum AVC-pdfwww-stinkyjournalism-org latest-journalism-news-updates,php#tell This company is calling all cities between , and approx- , in population under the pitch that they are looking at doing a story on "Discovering America" Hidden Gems to Live, Work, and Play- Of course this comes with a k to k price tag- This is for the show "Today in America with terry Bradshaw" and now their latest fake tv show INDUSTRY TODAY TV (also with terry bradshaw)- They have probabaly already signed over cities- They have no criteria other than the ability to pay- you should warn all of the cities about these guys before Coral Springs gets a bad name- Not only has the Florida State attorney general not followed up, but they now have a new so called host- Terry Bradshaw- This poor guy obviously does not know their background- His agent is David Gershenson obviously knows about them but just wants the cash-They now go under a new name- U-S- Media Television inc- Located at Coral Ridge Dr- Coral Springs Fl- They do not have "PAID PROGRAMMING" on the websites, marketing materials, or contracts-The latest is the "show" Net Worth- They have airings listed which are completely made up- This so-called show has never aired- shows with Terry Bradshaw?www-industrytodaytv-comwww-todayinamericatv-comwww-networthtelevision-comwww-theenviroreport-comwww-businessdaytv-comwww-profileswithterry-comwww-theedgewithterry-comwww-insightswithterry-com They are still scamming companies and now cities into thinking that these are legitimate tv shows -notes-com Phone-aspx ,www-ripoffreport-com tv-advertisements todayinamerica todayinamerica-platinum-telev,htm I hope that someone can do something to stop them from continuing to scam companies and now our cities without recourse- At this economic times where the cities are laying off teachers and other services, they should not be duped into spending K to K on a PAID PROGRAMMING fake T-V- show- I like Terry Bradshaw but he should not be associated with a compan like this and be on Fox football sunday What's the use that they called and hang up?? This month I've been receiving lots of these repeatly scam calls, including , , , etc- I even save these #'s in my cellphone as the scam calls, just pressing busy tone for them when they call in- And, maybe these calls aim for business line users coz my friends never get these calls to their cells, but I do get these calls at least twice a day from different #'s These parasites called me at : pm just to listen to me say hello twice and then hung up on me Advocacy and Collections Group advocacyandcollectionsgroup-com contactus-html Advocacy and Collections Group Inc- Hollywood Blvd Suite - Hollywood, Florida - Toll Free: () , Main Office: () I usually don't answer calls from unknown phone numbers due to my social anxiety, but today my SA isn't as bad so I decided to actually answer- It was a person who was asking for someone named Henry- Needless to say I'm not Henry nor do I know anyone named Henry so I'm gonna block this number now As mentioned on ABC News - buy these online medications at your peril- A check of counterfeit Viagra from Asia found that the blue coating was blue road paint- The pill itself was talcum powder- You'll often find in Asian products high doses of lead, and sometimes beryllium, a known cancer causing agent- Ask your HMO to carry you - him & other pallbearers Premiere Cleaning & Property Service Syracuse, NY () - Clearly all jobs are not the same and one-size never fits all- Finally, there is a cleaning company that realizes the difference- Landscaping Property Service, Property Maintenance, Landscape Maintenance, Home Maintenance, Property Repair syracusejanitorialsvc-com My elderly parents keep receiving the same kind of phone calls to the point of now being considered harrassing- Started with the call saying they had won money,they needed an address to send it but my dad refused now they continuing to call saying they've attempted to mail the check but it keeps being returned to them so they need the info- My dad told them if they continued to call he would call the police but they are still continuing to call- The callers have accents and are showing up with Jamaica on the caller ID- At first it was showing up with no info on caller ID but a few times it has shown up with the following:,one call came in from Nevada (don't know if it's the same people)ALL businesses that need to spam the internet to solicit clients, do so for DUBIOUS reasons, and are to be TOTALLY AVOIDED for OBVIOUS reasons One thing which was not mentioned in this post, is that the supposed caller, was the cause of the divorce Pain relief creme scam, multiple telemarketing calls and I have reported to the FTC repeatedly in the last few months- I've asked to be put on their Do Not Call list even though my number is on the national and state do not call registries I had a payday loan of - dollars through American Web Loan, who sold it to Nationwide- I have paid - dollars of this loan back and today, I asked Lance Jacobs how much he said he was trying to collect from me, he stated a - dollars, I told him I never had an - dollars loan- He stated that there were fees, and different costs, I told him that I would only pay the remaining and no more, he then stated that he was going to have me arrested for fraud, and failure to pay off a debt, and a whole bunch of other stuff, he then told me he was going to serve me papers at work, I told him that was fine and I would take my chances in court I have received multiple calls from this number and based on the comments about this number belonging to World Vision, I called World Vision- World Vision has received multiple complaints about this number, the bottom line being THIS NUMBER DOES NOT BELONG TO WORLD VISION NOR DOES IT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH WORLD VISION- World Vision is going to look into this problem and will make an announcement concerning this phone number- Since I am a sponsor of World Vision, I want to help set the record straightcaller was demand goods that I have no idea about-Caller won't give his identity but gave me a name tony or tommy with cell number and when I call this number I was told is a wrong number My name is Japhetthis number tied together with ,its and a scam along with the number-do urselves a favor,report it to ur local sheriff,the f-b-i in ur state,the federal trades commission and anyone else u can think of-there are websites to report it as well-change all personal info,bank info,and things of this nature as well-hope i could help Robert Leon Chadwick is a con artist- He is a contractor that NEVER finishes a job, just takes the money and runs- If you try to confort him on this he will threaten your life and the lives of your children if you have them- He goes bu RLC home contractors, TLC Home Builders, and now American Heritage- Steer clear of this guy Received a call from this number- Woman with foreign accent (Indian, Pakastani, that type), said she was from informing me that my number had been entered in some fantastic drawing that would pay off all my credit card debts and all she had to do was get some information from me- I hung up"Update": I received another call from this number earlier today, and I had in fact a conversation with a representative of Equiterre, a Quebec-based environmental watch organization- Basically, this means this number is legitimate; however, never forget the old saying, "If is sounds too good to be true, it probably is-" Therefore, if you are unsure, just discard the message, but my instinct tells me it is legit These people are calling daily- I am on Do Not Call Registry which is a joke comes on my caller ID as Dial America- Some days they call multiple times- I have called FTC in Washington and filed a complaint on the telemarketers with the numbers I have They didn't leave a message, but I called it back and the girl who answered said 'corporate office, how may I direct your call'- I told her that I had just gotten a call from this number, she looked up who called me without even asking for any of my information and then transfered me to someone name Taylor Sanchez, He of coarse did not answer and so I left him a message- No call back yet Woman who called from this number wanted my ssn and wouldn't tell me anything else about why she was calling- I told her I was currently taking legal action against abusive callers and she wouldn't stop talking- I hung up and am giving this number to my attorney I received a similar call in which the caller could not even tell me what they wanted the interview for- If you have additional information from a follow up contact and know their intentions, I would appreciate your thoughts I dont know this number but they keep calling my cellphone every hour or so- I have been away from my phone and haven't been able to answer- I also do not get good reception at my home so I can't answer it anyway- They wont leave a message- It is an Arizona area code and I do not have any past due bills nor does anyone have my cellphone number other than family and close friends I do not know who this caller was- They rang my cell phone and would not speak- I called back and again no one would speak- I would like to know who and why this person called my cell number this evening - Please advise as to what I should do Did you receive a phone call form this number stating to be representing Reliance Protectron or Voxcom?Oh, and I think they also have a way to get the number - to show on my display because I'm getting a bunch of calls supposedly from that number but when I call back I get the message that isn't a working number You've won a trip for two to Cancun for nights- Cost to you is -, or something like that, I waited to hear my options- I declined and then was asked to press another number to be removed from the list- We'll see Caller would not identify reason for calling due to the call being for my deceased Father- Next demanded that I send "Power of Attorney" information,this entity should know that a POA is invalid when someone passes away- Next call was a request for a death certificate which I refused- My Father passed away in August of , you would think they could simply look up death certificates and figure this information out from a local government entity JUST SAW THAT LOCATION IS UTAH, I SUSPECT THIS HAS RELEVANCE TO STORES ONLINE INTERNET WEB BUSINESS, AVOID LIKE THE PLAQUE- I SETTLED , DIDN'T WANT TO PAY THEM ANOTHER PENNY, BUT AM GLAD I WON'T EVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEM EVERY AGAIN- I NEVER SIGNED UP WITH PMI 'MARKETING' THANK GOD, BUT I PRESUME SINCE SETTLING MY ACCT WITH STORES ONLINE THEY ARE TRYING TO GET ME TO WORK ON WEBSITE- THAT WOULD ENTAIL ME HAVING TO PAY A MONTHLY SERVICE FEE' AGAIN ON TOP OF THE "WEBSITE" SOFTWARE, THEY PROMOTE AS A BUSINESS THAT INCLUDES PRODUCTS, WHICH IT DOESN'T- YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BUSINESS LICENSE AND GO GET YOUR OWN WHOLESALE DROPSHIPPER, THEY LIE AT THEIR SEMINARS- YOU ARE ONLY PAYING FOR STUPID SOFTWARE THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO EVEN CREATE ON YOUR OWN- A COMPUTER ENGINEER I SPOKE WITH LOST OVER k HELPING HIS WIFE, SO MY MEASLY MICROSOFT NETWORKING DEGREE PAILED IN COMPARISON COULD NOT GET IT TO WORK- IF YOU EVER GET A INVITE TO FREE LUNCH & FREE MP [CHEAP RIP OFF MODEL, NOT NANO AS DESCRIBED ] ITS NOT ONLY A WASTE OF TIME, FOOD MADE ME SICK, I HAD MIGRAINE AND MY HUSBAND TALKED INTO GETTING WEBSITE BUSINESS, BUT THEY PUT IT IN MY NAME ONLY, I DON'T WORK AS I'M % DISABLED AND WELL IN THE LONG RUN AT LEAST I ONLY HAD TO GET IT OFF MY CREDIT REPORT- IF YOU SETTLE MAKE THEM SEND YOU A LETTER THAT "IN LEUI OF SETTLING YOU REQUEST THAT NOT ONLY THEY HAVE IT "PAID IN FULL" BUT THEY TAKE THE WHOLE CREDIT REPORT OFF YOUR RECORDS AT ALL THREE BUREUS- GET LETTER FIRST, THEN FOLLOW UP AFTER BECAUSE THEY WILL SHOW IT AS A PAYMENT FOR A MONTH THEN CALL TO TELL THEM YOU WILL REPORT THEM IF THEY DO NOT FOLLOWUP WITH THEIR PROMISE- AND THEY CLOSE THE ACCT COMPLETELYThis is outrageous for this company to call you up to times a day, when you tell them the same thing- This company is working for Chase Bank, who WILL NOT work their customers, in agreeing to a lower payment- I was even told by a Chase Bank employee to let my payments get months behind to quality for a "hardship payment" plan- Guess what, Chase Bank will not honor, or agree to a lower payment over a period of time, but STILL continue to charge outrageous interest rates, over limit fees, etc- Whoever heard of a company WHO DOES NOT want their money- Both IC and Chase are IMPOSSIBLE to deal with- Comment above, you are EXACTLY right, they already received their money from the Gov't bailout (Chase Bank), Chase Bank has made national news in my area, how they double payments "so the customer can benefit in paying off their accounts sooner" the only one benefiting from these unscrupelous practices is CHASE BANK- IC System get some pride, and integrity and work with someone who is willing to work with their customers, since you have NO control on the accounts, CHASE HAS THE FINAL AUTHORITY, and that answer is ALWAYS NOCall from this number, they call several times a day- never leave a message- I have answered and told them we are not interested- I then pick up and hang up on them, they have increased the calls to per day since then- usually @ peak times of meals or toddler bedtimes I posted earlier in the list that I called back, listened to the recording and chose the option on the recording to remove my number from the list- Since doing this I still have not gotten another call- I am so sorry that some of you after doing this are still being hassled- I saw on another post you can report some harassing calls at dontcall-gov, you all may want to try that I asked who it was and it took a while for him to respond- Get a strange feeling from this guy- I don't think I'm dating him either- I don't think he is police but definitely working with some secret government group of some sort- Morality police maybe- Masons maybei got a call from this number several times and every time they leave the following message-"I'm calling regarding your credit card balances and the minimum payments that are going it's imperative that you call me back now qualify for the debt reduction allowance programs again my name is Simon Self my phone number is , is imperative that you give me a call- "Seems to me as phishing This phone company (Ovation Communications of IL, Inc.) is owned by President, Stephen C. Address is 6400 C Street, SW if you would like to contact him and his scam calls.When I called the number back it said to press "2" to stop these calls which doesn't work to begin with since I have gotten 4 calls in the past and each time I press "2". I am no longer affiliated with the company mentioned in this thread for reasons mentioned in this thread and I'm now posting my own market insight, ideas, research and commentary on twitter @Matt Malillo- You're all welcome to follow I received a call from this number- Yes, it is Humana- I have been a member for many years- I had received a previous call from them, asking the same questions- That's how I knew it was Humana- It's a wonderful company I have never had a problem with them- Wonderful company, reasonable ratesi have been getting calls for some company from the following numbers , , , ,- i have had to block these numbers daily as they start calling my home at am days a week until after pm- they dont tell me who they are, where they are calling from, who they are looking for, or what its about- and when they leave messeges its the smae thing just a messege of business hours and a or digit number as a refference- when ive asked the lady who keeps calling about all this she ignores me and asks "when im going to take care of it? youhavent told me what this is about or who you are looking for or anything" and she hangs up on me- she does the smae thing to my husband and my yr old if they answer- we dont live in the USA- we dont owe any money- do not have credit cards or order things by mail- our phone number is private and unlisted and also is on the don not call list for telemarketers-i dont understand why they keep calling or how they got our number, or what it is they want- also no idea who they are looking for- i have contacted a lawyer and i notified the lady this morning and she is still calling- so i googled the number and found this, so mow im reporting it here- and i now know the companys name- im very angry as i now have to pay to have our phone number changed and we have had this number for over yrs- this is BULLSTJust got a call from the , Guy said his name was Bruce from Alliance and he wanted to schedule a meeting with the owner, who is onthe phone and he insisted on holding for the owner and then hung up after a minute- A few years ago someone dropped the ball and the phone book published a wrong number (we have several lines) and this guy called on that secondary number, so I know that he is obviously cold calling people but not sure what for No debt collector needs your routing number Do not be fooled- This is not a legit collection agency They call you any day at any hour Two people a guy and a girl work "out of California" with a Washington, DC number Fraudulent debt collectors usually threatenibg you with check fraud- Callback# is , DON'T answer,talk to them or send them money no matter how much they threaten you will jail- You can't go to jail for a debt Clear Bail Bonds Lincolntbd Lincoln, CA G St, Lincoln, CA , United States() -www-ci-lincoln-ca-us Clear Bail Bonds Lincoln is offering Bail, Bail Bond, Bail Bonds, Bail Service, Bail Bonds Service in Lincoln, CA- Call the owner at () , Bail, Bail Bond, Bail Bonds, Bail Service, Bail Bonds Service Bleu Wing Investigations Inc Dearborn, MI, , We take every case seriously and we utilize every available resource to solve your problem- At Blue wing investigations all associates come from professional Public safety back rounds Private Investigator, Private Investigation, Private Detectives, Private Investigation Agency, Detective Agency bleuwinginvestigationsinc-com I get calls from these guys all the time as well- I have called the number back and actually reached a human- I suggest everyone call them, but block your number first with *, and tie them up on the phone- Maybe they'll get the hint- You wionder where the stats attorney general's offices are with getting these folks thrown in jail This is a collection agency- They are collecting on a debt, but I only answered once, they wouldn't even tell me who they are only to send a check in care of Providian to thier address- How lame is that I have not answered any call from them- They left o messages on my voice mail and I saved them- I got a little tape recorder and played it on a land line speaker phone- recorded the calls and sent them to an attorney who handles debt stuff- He told me they are breaking the law, they are not allowed to leave pre-recorded messages, it was a law passed by G-Bush senior before he left office- I do not know the law code, but I did see it once- anyway, I sued them and won- it is to ,- per call for violation- I got ,- lawyer took % I still got ,-, they paid my debt off for me- Keep this in mind people you can fight back- even on collection agency letters save them and send them to an attorney- Collection agencies usually break the law on disclosures etc,on the letters- you can sue them back I received a call from this number today- The guy, who I could barely understand, wanted to fix something on my computer- He claimed that he had received a report from computer regarding Microsoft Windows and he could fix the problem for me I told him off and hung up- What a scam Caller (heavy Eastern Indian accent) said "this is Cheryl and I"m calling from Medicare" I asked her to repeat herself, and she did- I told her I didn't understand - because Medicare doesn't call people- She said "well are you diabetic? " No- "Okay - have a nice day-" I've worked for years in Aging Services - Medicare does not call you Do NOT give out any information I got a call from him too- It appears he works for some law that buys debt from banks- He called my neighbor too and when I called him back, said it was cause I don't have a home phone- Who has a home phone these days He gave me the firm name and helped me do a debt settlement plan- E-mail me if you want the company name, address or anything else at kevin longny @ yahoo-com (no spaces)I keep getting calls from this number- When I pick up, they are using an automated voice to ask for Gabriel Garcia,that is not me- So I hang up and they call again- So I decided to hit # to talk to a live operator if I'm Gabriel Garcia which I pretend to be if it gets me to a live person- Then I'm told to hold on and after a few seconds I'm hung up on- This is so damn annoying- My life is stressful enough right now without these idiots calling and calling- My number isn't even a new one, it's about seven years that I've had it This is in fact a scam- I called the actual company and they said to beware of anyone offering you a loan who wants you to get an HDFC or Vanila card (in the form of Visa or Master Card) to pay a down payment- Super Shady I got a call from this number at home and I did not call back- They proceeded to call our employee service line and told them that I need to go turn myself in at the Sheriff's Office and gave me their address- I called them back and they had me on HOLD for a long time- She said she was Officer Alice Watson with the Federal State Bureau of New Jersey- Lots of Legal mumbo jumbo- I request everything in writing and she said they had tried to contact me through email and I had not responded so they did not have to provide with anything else- They mentioned United Cash Lonas and they seem to be a scam also- I asked for an address and I got the following: N Ave Westfield NJ I have not been to find the address Received call from Christie saying that if I or my attorney did not call this number an unfortunate situation would unfold on me- I called the number and it went directly to a generic message and I just hung up- Sounds like the same scammer on number They have been Calling me at least once a day for a week now they only left one message but it sounded like a computer told them I answered because they the vuy just kept asking for me until he realized i didn't answer I downloaded and installed pdanet - to connect my Droid as a g Tetering device and my kaspersky warned me of a suspicious driver installation so i terminated the installation- minute after that, I recieved the call from this number, i did not dare to pick up- What are the chances they are connected?

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Trace mobile phone number caller name address details for mobile phone number series 0730630.

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