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Free adult dating savannah single

They generally work in IT, software, or some field where they’re not exposed often to the opposite sex.

As far as the average demographic for speed dating goes, according to Ellen—most of the people here have tried online dating first.

Guy Number One tells me he’s “number one.” I pretend not to understand, to give him an out that he doesn’t take, choosing instead to repeat what he said, only louder. He’s the only man who asks me questions about myself the whole night.

Guy Number Nine says he googled tips on speed dating prior to coming: how to act and sit, what to ask.

He gives me not only the creeps, but also his business card, which isn’t allowed. The next day, Ellen sends email addresses to people who are chosen.

She says that sometimes you have to keep coming back to connect with someone, that it depends on the crowd.

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Lately, I’ve been meeting all the wrong chairs anyway; the ones virtually unfit for sitting.