Dating tips for girlfriend

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Dating tips for girlfriend

If you met me today, you’d probably see a happy, smiling guy chatting with a bunch of people around him.

I bet, hidden beneath this social butterfly, you’d never recognize the quiet and shy, introverted guy I used to be…Introversion is a term coined by CG Jung and was used in his work on psychological types.

If you’re selective with what you share online, you’re less likely to have something that might fuck things up ☺You say less, but you actually have things to say.

Your evenings spent alone reading or just thinking about what you experience makes you a more interesting conversationalist, when you finally open your mouth.

A guy who isn’t overly active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media platforms appears more mysterious.

Girls like a challenge and discovering more about a man step by step.

Plus, girls are less judgmental towards guys who meet them in quiet places rather than a smoky bar or a club. It’s a club of regular people who come together 1-4 times a month to practice public speaking.

If she chooses to meet you somewhere you like, it shows that you share some interests. You should definitely consider joining Toastmasters (there’s a club in almost every city).This might be a big step for some introverted folks, but it’s definitely worth the work! Coming over to talk to a pretty girl at a bar or going into a circle of unknown people and inserting yourself into the conversation requires advanced social skills.To become more social around women, you need to learn how to expand your comfort zone, slowly.If noise in a club makes you anxious, it doesn’t matter how many girls there are to attract, you’ll look like a scared child. It’ll be easier to expand your social circle with people who share your passion.If it isn’t your environment don’t go there to meet women. Introverts show extraordinary creativity and concentration skills.

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In contrast to being open to the outside world, introverts turn to their own inner world.

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