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Far Away Too wrote: I received news yesterday that I have cancer :(.

I'm devastated - my radiologist thought that lesion was likely a fibroadenoma.

But I just want to let you know that the first part is the hardest.

Once you get more info and plan of action down it gets much better.

So it is good to try to get as much information before any drastic decisions.

I almost go a double mx but decided to keep the good breast and so so glad I did.

My surgery is scheduled for September 6th, so really soon (read below)I've seen the surgeon before I had the results and even before I had the Core Biopsy.

if you had lumpectomy followed by more aggressive surgery, could you please respond and tell me about your situation?

I'm hearing with tumor my size I don't need to do neoadjuvant chemotherapy, because the tumor is relatively small and it can be excised as is. It was found with US because it was palpable (I found the lump myself).

The surgeon mentioned genetic testing (I'm 40, so technically too young for BC), but I don't think I want to wait another 2-3 weeks for the results to come back before doing anything. My understanding is that if genetic testing comes back BRCA1 or 2 positive, my treatment would be mastectomy, potential ovary removal, whole works.

Am I correct in thinking I can do the lumpectomy, then genetic testing, and if it does turn out positive, do the mastectomy?

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The oncologist I'm going to see is the same one who treated my friend when she got BC at 40.

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