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And they make small talk, i guess to win over my trust- The first guy said his name was Robert Johnson, the second guy was named John Washington- American sounding names but they all have accents- Seems shady to me and most likely is- Beware I checked,and the number belongs to All Sec Technologies of India and have some sort of connection with Google They appear to offer services of a variety of financial nature including the sale of investments, collections, and I was surprised how many American businesses seem to use their questionable services- If you have Caller ID, you will first see the call coming in as Unknown Name Unknown Number- If you don't pick up, they will promptly call again and try to leave a voice mail message that automatically links you to them involuntarily- Don't let the message get to the point of linking and delete it promptly- They'll give up eventually when it is clear no one is going to respond The call is a scam- They said they have tried to reach me many times, I asked them to send me papers and they said the already had- ( they have not)- Thhey want to verify address and social sercuty number I said no- They won't send documents through mail because that would be a fedral offense When I answered they asked for Mrs Samuel Caruso, we've been getting a lot of collection calls for this person for the past couple months so I knew right away that it wasn't a legit call- As soon as he mentioned Microsoft windows in his heavy indian accent I knew just which scam it was- So I decided to have some fun and waste their time- I played dumb, acted like I didn't know what a start menu was, pretended I was following his instructions and when he was asking what I saw I kept telling him "a cow a chicken and a goat"(I was playing farmville)- He was VERY confused- After about minutes of this I finally let him know that I wasn't falling for his scam and he was pissed- He cursed at me and hung up- I'm hoping I wasted enough of their time that they won't bother to call me backhe want to a research and want me to answer his questions and i did not feel in the mood and he should not been calling in the first place, I told him that I was not going to answer any of his questions and that he was calling the wrong person to begin with to asking to begin with I've received NUMEROUS calls from this company and I have told them to take me off their list continuously- They are located at Mustang Tr #, Virginia beach, VA- I actually went by their office to speak with them about the issue and they tried to tell me that "another company" is using their name and address and that they couldn't have been calling me- I even took them a copy of my phone bill showing all the calls I've received from them- They "assured" me that my number will be removed from there data base, but that has yet to be seen- I was given that assurance already by them Claimed they could save me money on my electric bill by signing up with through a company that makes illegal phone calls- I think not- When I asked for their web site, he said they didn't have one- I asked how stupid can you be to not even have a website these days- He just continued his script completely oblivious, Said they were "Power Choice" and could sign me up with up to different power companies that I guess could equally rip me off The caller introduced herself as calling from US Immigration department on a Friday evening around : PM- She informed that my immigration records are not up to date and that I have only minutes to up date- She also threatened that If the records are not updated that I will be deported the very next day- She would put red card on my immigration records- I insisted that I would not provide any information to her unless I establish the authenticity of the caller- She threatened saying that be ready to pack your things and you will take the flight next day at : AM- I asked her to do whatever she can and hanged the call, Sending out Life Insurance SPAM Faxes addressed to a company name and individual's name that does not own or belong to our company- Have repeatedly asked them to remove us from their spam faxing, but they have refused- Their so called Opt Out number is , which is not a valid number- Reporting the SPAM FAXES directly to the FCC-gov website I just called the number and they had an option to put your number on the "Do Not Call" list and I put it on there so hopefully you can do the same- I'm not sure if it will work but it's an option for you and everyone else experiencing this major problem I received a call from this number today ( ), and four times Saturday- I did not return the call, so have no idea who it is- This should be investigated by the FTC, FCC, and or the Attorney General of the Sate of New Jersey Got several calls from this number last few days, no one on other end when I answer- Wouldn't answer except this is business phone and I get a number of out of town calls weekly, hard to remember all legit area codes- I suspect this is either some sort of scam or a bot which tracks if and when you answer phone so they can telemarket later I have received calls from , on the following dates and times- I do not know anyone at this number and would like the calls to stop- I have answered a couple of times and no-one is there- Today, , I answered and yelled "take me off your list", : pm, : pm, : pm, : pm, : pm, : pm, : pm, : pm I am getting these calss also- No one on the line when I answer- When I call it back it is busy- When I don't answer it only rings like times- I have gotten about calls in the last days- I finally blocked the number on my phone- I also had fallen for the free trial offer with Acai berry, then reported to my credit card that I hadn't authorized the charges- When I called Acai to cancel the automatic shipments - ripoffs, I threatened to report them to the BBB- They credited of the ish charges- What a racket Just received call from this number as a text to landline message- When I hit prompt to listen I got a short two word garbled voice message and a hang up- The caller's name came up on my caller id as Dejean Nicholas- I do not know this person Person callling gave their name and asked to speak to my husband, who died last year, by name- I called them back, and they wanted to know if we knew or were related to a certain Hispanic person- I said no and hung up Thank you for the info on the amount of times they can call- Its unreal- I missed the payment and they are calling me for the nsf charge- So far I have had calls in two days- Although at this point none after pm or before am- Thank you again First one was late at night on my cell I picked up & a lady with an accent said "who's this? " she said wrong number and hung up- They called right back again but I didn't pick up & they left no message This call came from a scammer in another country using a magic jack device and Caller ID ? technology- Some scammers making unwanted telephone calls are using a new technology called ? to falsify caller ID information- This means that telephone services such as caller ID, * (last call return) and * (call trace) are no longer reliable- The use of ? numbers by fraudsters who hide from the law is spreading due to phone companies? call, they find that the number is disconnected, not in service, or is assigned to someone who is very obviously not the scammer-Most ? calls come from criminals trying to steal money or obtain personal information, such as credit card numbers, which the thieves can then use to commit identity theft Call came at :pm eastern time- It was a telemarketer speaking Spanish- I informed her in Spanish about the time and asked she not call again- Sounded like she was calling from a call center because I heard other people in the background speaking Spanish SPAM, OMFG What ever happened to the donotcall-gov and the FCC enforcing the rules?...

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Wenn Sie mit der Funktion des Flash Players auf Ihrem Computer unglücklich sind, versuchen Sie bitte auf die HTML5-Version der Seite umzuschalten, indem Sie auf den "Kippschalter" klicken....

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Tube sites have a ton of free videos, but most of them are of crappy quality....

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Resignation....................................................................................... Consumers may apply for registration.............................................. 34 Division 2—Registering healthcare provider organisations 42.............

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Considering the number of films that have been shot here, sightseeing will be perfect....

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